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Title: Glacial Pace
Artist: Converge


Converge / Glacial pace

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Title: All We Love We Leave Behind
Artist: Converge

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Title: Trespasses
Artist: Converge



Trespasses by Converge.

fate has no compass fear has no driver
what a cruel world clarity brings
we burn - we burn at both ends

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Title: Homewrecker
Artist: Converge

I lay claim to this day. No love, no hope. I’ve lost count of the second chances. 

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Title: Dark Horse
Artist: Converge


Converge - Dark Horse

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Title: Glacial Pace
Artist: Converge

Converge - “Glacial Pace”

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Title: Worms Will Feed
Artist: Converge


Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast

Saw you coming around my bend
Cutting teeth and breaking bread
Making moves and smearing friends
Your karma has been racking debts
Left your throne in foreclosed homes
Claimed that crown of decay
Built castle walls with blood and bone
To shield your soul from wither and decay
Worms will feed
Saw you slither around their necks
Sinking teeth into their flesh
Spitting venom seeing red
You will fall where you lay your head
Rats will feast
The worms will find a way
The rats will find a way

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Title: Trespasses
Artist: Converge


Converge / Trespasses

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Title: First Light / Last Light
Artist: Converge


Converge * First Light / Last Light

This is for the hearts still beating

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Title: Heaven In Her Arms
Artist: Converge


Converge - Heaven in Her Arms

Death was just a simple glance across a dim lit room
And those eyes did it
Those three words did it
Those three words killed him
And I surrender to it all
Between you and me, I surrender to you
Forgive me for the sadness
And the bringing of you down
I just needed a lover and I needed a friend
And there you were
Running from forever like all the rest
Three simple words bled me dry
Three simple word bled us dry, bled us dry
I love you